What tomorrow needs.

It’s 1.02AM and I’m just here watching(listening to) interviews of Gerard & other people that I don’t give much of a real shit about because Gee is so fucking adorable I don’t even understand how can anyone be so hot and cute and adorable and fuckable and sexy and intellectual and attractive and just so charming. This is one guy that is married and I have the longest crush on. #confessionofapublicsecret

The way he speaks is simply … yeah you know what I was about to say (I actually typed it and deleted it so that you don’t have to roll your eyes so many times because I know it’s tiring).

I miss Bob, a little.

Gee talking properly is just so… askhsajnxmnf whyareyoumarriedwithkidswouldyouliketohaveanaffair.

LOOK AT THAT THUMBNAIL, LOOK AT THAT THUMBNAIL. If I had a dick I would be having a boner right now.


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