In another world.

Hello! Did nothing at all today because. Watched Bridesmaids and I was just feeling so embarrassed for Kristen Wiig 80% of the time. The last part where Chris went all “I ate your cake and [mumble mumble] … I’m just gonna kiss you right now” and I was just like askdlhdsjan. But the ending part was … scarring. I couldn’t even find it on youtube. The one that I watched on HBO was only the first 15 seconds or so (or maybe I didn’t stick around long enough for the part that probably screened after the credits) and I was already scarred beyond words. And this video … brought me to the edge of throwing up.

Found this blog accidentally and spent something like half an hour reading it. She’s so amusing.



I don’t understand why can’t Lana just release a new album instead of constantly adding tracks to BTD.


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