Get ready for this.

Hello! It’s 10 and I’m sleepy weepy but dinner just ended an hour ago so I can’t possibly go to sleep right now, or anytime soon. 😦 Have to wake up early tomorrow because I take 2 hours to dress up. Life.

Spent a few hours writing 3 Christmas cards today. Every card is sincere with lots of efforts invested. Awwww. I guess if I were a little bit more artistic I wouldn’t have to take such a long time but … at least I’m trying, right?

I’ve been playing my new iTunes library and somehow I decided to switch back to my old library just now. Bad move. Now playing: About A Girl – TAI and if you know me you know I am at the verge of tears. I wish I wasn’t as young then. Maybe, you know, just maybe … maybe we could have.

Is it weird that I was scrolling down tumblr and I saw this picture of a girl and I instinctively went “I have that bra!” ?

“I have that bra!”

TAI makes me so, so sad.

It’s raining outside. The wind was so strong that my window opened on its own and later my door was sucked opened from the inside of the room (there’s no window outside my room, in fact we don’t open windows in our house) and I was kind of freaked out. Rain and TAI and I think I need some poetry and maybe a cup of hot tea.

Mom was watering her plants and I asked her if she talks to them and she said no ’cause then she’d be talking to herself all the time (which is not true because if she talks to the plants she’d be talking to the plants not herself) and I said that I talk to my bear (I didn’t even mention max!) and she said I was psychotic. I knew better to not mention that I name most of my stuffed toys and even my piggy banks. Then she went on talking about how ironic my OCD is because my toilet is so “dirty”. I swear she chooses the worst days to come into my territory and comment on its cleanliness.

I was having dinner and there was this super cute butch with a tattoo ahmagawd. But her back was facing me so I was just like 😦

I’m weeping.



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