Hot love drama.

My nose sucks. Been sneezing so much, eeks.

I really want a massage. I don’t know why I pay to suffer, #girlproblems. Went for facial and it was painful as fuck.Why the fuck do blackheads exist?! Looked like a ghost after that and I was so self-conscious after I stepped out of the place. Just had to slather on some foundation before I went out to 1U again, because it was that bad. I was literally Cristina the Red-Nosed Ghost with red dots all over my face, with a complimentary pair of dark eye circles. Just beautiful. Puke.

I discovered this corner of cheap cute clothes and I wanted so many things but mother was being all grumpy. Mehh. When I don’t buy things: “You are so picky!” versus When I want to buy things: “You only know how to spend money!”. Women are so hard to please. Sometimes I’m so glad I am not a man. You poor, poor boys.

My asos package finally came! After 1 month, yeap! I was about to email them but a postman threw it across my gate today. Wonderful. When I opened the parcel my jaw literally dropped (no, really.). It is much smaller than I expected it to be, just slightly larger than the size of my palm, and I expected to be like more than a bit larger than my Too Faced palette so it was quite a disappointment. A little bit.

stila merry & bright palette, stila kitten lip glaze.

stila merry & bright palette, stila kitten lip glaze.

Something worth mentioning is that since this was supposed to be some exclusive Christmas holiday set (lol bullshit stila makes “exclusive” palettes for so many different websites, smartass.) the lip glaze actually smells of … candy canes. I mean, I don’t know if it was intentional (too coincidental to be coincidental though) but when I tried it on I was like … holymoly.

Yeah, so there’s my new toy. And I was gonna order some instax films because they are cheap but seriously, what am I going to do with 100 freaking films? Maybe I can sell it, mmm. But I kind of don’t wanna spend a lot of my limited amount of money in that account because I kind of wanna order the iPod on my own. I wish DBS rained money upon my account. Sigh. Maybe I should order my stickers first. Yes, sounds sensible. Okay.

I hate this OTP thing. Such a time-consuming and troublesome idea.

My phone needs a facial, it’s so oily.

Just fucking send me the SMS already.

DBS hates me. I give up.

white flag.



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