Blogging from the gramps’!

I am sleepy weepy, some pretty poetry right now would be yummy. Data connection is quite crappy here, too ulu for Tron. I wonder what language did ulu originate from. I am listening to the family speaking a medley of various dialects and this is screwing with my ability to process my thoughts in proper English. Random words popping out with insufficient conjunctions and prepositions and whatever-the-shit.

Project 10km failed.

This house smells of second-hand smoke. I don’t like this. My lungs weep.

I need plastic surgery but I almost died yesterday during facial I am not too sure whether I can take the pain of the jab(s). If only I could just be an anti-social couch potato for the rest of my life.

Aching shoulders. 😦

Ordered a shuffle earlier today hehe.

I need fresh air. Help.


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