A girl like you.

Hello! Blogging from the hotel because I have data connection on my phone. ^^ Can you believe that I only spent RM1 of my RM3 phone credit for the past month? I know right, I’m such a legendary character. By the way, picked my guts up and wore my floral pants again today. I really don’t think I look that bad. I hope not. 😦 Anyway, I’m in Malaysia where fashion sense is not an expected element when appearing in public so I guess it isn’t that bad.

Watched Life of Pi! Hehe Suraj Sharma is so cute. Such a cutie Indian movie. And Richard Parker is such a sexy beast, like literally. The woman next to me kept kicking my bag and I suspect, applying Chinese medicated oil and ruining my emotional experience of the movie. It’s like they’re showing a storm and Pi is being all crazy and dramatic and thanks to diffusion these not-so-awesome-smelling particles found their way in the dark up my nostrils and hit my sensory receptors up. I mean, there’s a time and place for everything! Jeez. Anyway, I’m quite amazed by how Pi didn’t grow all bearded with tangled hair after heaven-knows-how-long in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And the floating island was sure a cool island.

Lying in bed and waiting for the 9pm Freeze2 show. (It’s 5pm now.) Complimentary VIP tickets oh yeah. And I bought the freshener thingy for Mick hehe. I think childlike-ness returns with maturity. Sometimes it feels quite nice, like the feeling you get snuggling up a blanket that just returned from the baptism of the afternoon sun, all clean and warm with the smell of nature to top it off. Like, home, but even better, bringing parts of yourself back to once upon a time, where things were simple and worry-free. Talk about digression.

Tried reading Chatterley but boy, it is beyond draggy. I mean, D. H. Lawrence probably had a good plot but really, his style is making this book nothing like an easy read and I have to drag my mind across the words, sometimes not even absorbing. This is no fun. Patience is lacking for me to slowly devour this supposedly impressive piece of work.

I wonder if this is getting really long. There’s no word count here.

A nap sounds good.


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