Way too slow.

My life.

My life.

I can officially say ‘fuck you’ in L1R5’s face. Just got myself enrolled into Taylor’s and now I just need to pass 5 O level subjects. *snorts* I have a bad feeling about my pre-u. The only reason why I wanted to go to SH was because of the subject combination and when we were there the parents were like “why you wanna study this” – for the first time in my life they were interfering with my decision of what I want to study. All my life I was quite happy with the liberty I have had in pursuing what I have interest in academically and now they come right in my way, together. After all these years, I thought I could finally bid the sciences farewell (and this counselling guy came and say that “it’s better for your future”, and obviously made things worse and life more difficult for me) and now I’m stuck with a bio-chem combination. I almost cried on the spot, I wonder if anyone noticed. I mean, I made it so clear that “I hate sciences”, yeah, those exact words. And they just assumed that I didn’t want to do the sciences because I am “lazy” and I want to study the “easy subjects” like wtf I hate math&science with my guts. “It’s just one and a half years” + *smile* wow thanks for ruining my coming “one and a half years”. I really want to cry. This sucks monster dicks. “Up to you” + “We can’t decide on what she wants to be, it’s up to her to choose” + “Are you sure? Don’t find the easy way out and waste money” + “I’m sure you can handle the sciences”. Talk about contradictions. I have a terribly bad feeling.


It’s just one and a half years, cristina. Tung said that people there don’t really study, that gave me some hope.

And the parents totally made me sound like some uncontrollable wild child in front of the counsellor. Bad false first impression. The fact that I have not-matching nail art wasn’t helping, at all. I’m so glad I convinced myself to wear jeans.

Dismal, bleak future.

I have gotten so used to melancholia
I greet it like an old

How apt, Wild Child.

How apt, Wild Child.

On a much brighter note, I was watching MTV the other day and actually spazzed over the young Cody Simpson. Shh.

How old was he even?

Okay shit just googled and he’s younger than me. Shit okay shit. Just 352 days, but shit. Okay stop. Control.


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