Baby you light up my world like nobody else.

Woke up with 1D in my head. I don’t know what to say about that.

I dreamt that I was clubbing and then the club got raided and people tried to smuggle me out so I was running away with this dude but I am so unfit right so he was so fast and I was like dying cause there was this super steep staircase and I was just like omg death and then (for some reason the whole escaping route was so posh and beautiful, just saying) he decided to shrink me into the size of half a fist (I don’t remember how) and kept me in a baked bean can and put me on the kitchen bar while he shrank into the size of something else and got locked up in a safe. Then the police came in and left. Then I somehow scrambled out of the baked bean can and tried to open the safe but I couldn’t (by the time the owner of the safe went outside to keep the police occupied) and I was so upset and worked up. I think that was like my guy or something hahahaha. And then I woke up because I was so hungry and I can’t remember how he looks like, damn. Oh, and I think it is worth mentioning that the owner of the safe/cafe (we went into a really nice small cosy restaurant/cafe) looked a lot like is a minutely distorted reincarnation of Hagrid.

Have the house to myself for a couple of hours. #likeaboss

I think I just had at least 8 hours worth of dream(s). Because I vaguely remember a hospital scene.

Time for breakfast. Hope I don’t burn down the kitchen.


Found notes from last year when I was clearing my room and it was kind of like a bittersweet thing to reread the notes and relive the memories. It was once so perfect. We were once so flawless to each other, that we were sufficient for each other. To not have another care in the world; To be so engrossed in each other that no one else around really mattered. It pained me more than just a little when I reminded myself that it’s not something I have now. I kept the notes, I didn’t throw them away, because I lack the heartlessness to. Because I know I’d need my dose of nostalgia from time to time. Because right now, I don’t know for sure, whether I’ve let go. Because it was like nothing I’ve ever had with anybody else before or after. You know the someone carved a mark in your heart when you two were something like 7000km away and the distance did nothing distance should. And, actually, I know I haven’t let go because after these months, I wish your arms were here for me to fall asleep in.


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