Out of nothing at all.

Wassup. Helping mum to update her GPS and I was at the verge of crashing my head into a wall because the program wouldn’t run on mac and I had to use my vaio (which is a slowfuck piece of crap machine). Holy moly every single shit is “(Not Responding)” fml you are brain dead I pronounce you dead would you like a cremation. Tried a million times and turned off the computer and gave up and mum made me do it again. But anyway thank you so much muackzxc it is finally working and I’m just waiting for it to load. This is a miracle. Praise heaven.

When was the last time I saw something like this?

In case you were wondering, it only took me about 20 million years to crop the above photo. Yeah, Infocomm pres, I know right.

Installation complete. Rejoice. Thank you bb. (I need to get this burning shit off my thighs.)


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