Just a little bit longer.

Posts like this shouldn’t exist:

Like, what the fuck, nobody should be judged for who he/she loves. Scratch that, nobody should be judged for anything, at all. Who the fuck is anybody to judge somebody else. Human fucking race is one massive mess.

When I first saw the post, my first reaction was “What the fuck your life is so complicated and hard!” and after that it sank in a little and I got a little bit angry. I imagined myself being a lesbian, and falling for a FTM, and having to be fucking confused about my own sexuality because the world judges. I don’t understand the need of labels. Why can’t anybody just love someone else, anybody, without taking into account the other person’s sexuality? If intermarriages is now becoming acceptable I don’t see why marriages, oh fuck that, even a relationship, between any other two people that love each other cannot be accepted by the society. Like, what the fuck, it’s not even legal. Getting married to the person you love is fucking against the law! No, not ridiculous, at all. It’s legal to cross-breed animals and fuck with their genes but it is illegal for a man to marry another man, tell me about how logical the law is, please, somebody. Something I really don’t understand is why people go all out against [insert any form of “unorthodox” marriage term]. For goodness sake, how does two men getting married affect your life? Nobody is trying to interfere with your life so leave their lives alone, wouldn’t you? Pastors say that it is “wrong” but do you realize that most of us here are living in countries that are free at least to a certain extent where people have the rights to select their own religion and beliefs? You wanna shove religion down people’s throats, go ahead. But you don’t force your religious laws on people that don’t even give a flying fuck about your religion, alright? That’s like going to Thailand and demand gums to be banned because it is banned in Singapore. Like, what the actual fuck right? I am just so angry at how some people force shit on others because they don’t even try to empathise. I’m just so angry at people.



Be fearless.

Love freely. 


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