I don’t have to exist outside this place.

I mean, I don’t understand why would anybody want to keep this in a collection:

Conjoined twins in a jar, Kunstkamera museum, 1714.

Just came back from the gramps. Watched the match between LCW and K.Tago. Kenichi is so cute. Heh.

I am so tired I don’t even know why. Was switching channels on the TV and ended up watching the SPM Tutor channel for 10 minutes. What the fuck is a heterotroph. I feel so dumb right now maybe I should go study. HAH. No, really, in a while. Yeap.

I wonder who was the first person to decide that his/her nails are too long and he/she should cut it. Like, who would look at some part of his/her body and go all “Man, this part of my body is growing longer and longer lemme try cutting it and see what happens.” And I wonder what the cavemen cut their nails/hair with. Such intriguing stuff but I’m not about to google it.

And I wonder who decided to start painting their faces, and heat food to cook the food, and drink ice water, holy moly!

Like, what the fuck is wrong with you peasants of the world.

Okay I just scrolled down the blog and like, what the actual fuck.

I am so scarred. Help me.



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