Some say.

Hello bitches and dicks. Lying in my bed in full makeup because I can. The gramps are here with the uncle. Hehe so far so good. Freaking bro asked for a Samsung Note II from mum just because he got 7As (he’s already getting something else from dad).  I am waiting for equal treatment if I get 7As in January. Hahahah as if it will happen. Life. If he can get whatever the shit he’s getting and I don’t get an iPod I am going to flip. Favouritism. iPod for Christmas, maybe a phone for birthday and a car for O’s result okay set. Fuck hahah I hope we have money.

Went out for brunch with the parents. Sigh, there will never be peace. Now dad agrees with me that mum is going to menopause soon. Hahahahahahahahaha.

Okay time to research on cute cars and driving schools. And maybe figure out how to fix the PC. Nobody in the family knows that I was once Info pres. hahahah let’s keep it that way.


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