I can’t make you love me.

Blogging early in the morning because I woke up naturally at 8am. I dreamt that I was dating Obama. Do not judge me because one cannot control one’s dreams.

Rainy morning, Bon Iver on the sound system, dim room.

Waiting for the mother to wake up so that I can ask her to paint my right hand for me. Wish I were ambidextrous. No, scratch that, wish my left hand worked. I don’t even need it to work a quarter as well as my right hand. Sigh I wonder if this is how a mother would feel when one child is retarded and the other is just average.

My iTunes is out for my tears.


Don’t say that it’s easy, the hardest part is leaving

Don’t you wonder why

Suddenly we’re all runnin’ out of time

I just fucked up my thumb.

Tumblr is too depressing.


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