I am bruised. 😦 Stupid bed forever injuring me. My room is too small.

Went out to get the bro’s results + to TS for TCM + Mid Valley to look for Western Union. Lousy staff at WU didn’t know shit so we had to go look for other banks but we got distracted. Spent hundreds at guardian because cheapskate. Now we have like a stack of vouchers. Bought the MBD Hello Kitty masks omg so cute I swear.

I have 40+ masks sitting in my wardrobe right now.

Bought hair dye hehe gonna dye my hair after dinner. Hope it doesn’t turn out disgusting because then I’d be pissed because I could have bought the one that I like at guardian cause they were selling it for so cheap. This Schwarzkopf thing better not disappoint me. Gonna camwhore like a whore after the I dye my hair so, brace yourselves.

Waiting for the mother. It’s been only the two of us for the whole of today. So lonely. Sobs I miss dad. Breakfast with them! Awww so cutie. Hope he doesn’t suan my pink hair (which he will). Ah well.

Went to asked UOB if they do currency transfer and this cute guy came to me and asked if he could help me and I said a bunch and he just smiled and nodded. Half our “conversation” was like me waiting for his answer while he smiles cutely. Like shit he’s so cute but unhelpful. And he didn’t/doesn’t know where Mauritius is. I’m so terrible I ran away cause I was just like -.- but shit he is so cute. Ahhhhhhh.

Too many cute people today. Hehe.

What the shit just looked up and got a shock of my life. The rest of the house is blue like hello who is fucking with the lights this is scary okay.

I want eggs. 😦 Mum refuses to let me attempt to cook because she doesn’t want to have to clean up after me. Hello I am very independent okay. 😡

Kk time to whine to mother.


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