Morning! Blogging from hotel lobby because dad says I shouldn’t study at Coffee Bean because three tables were occupied and they were playing Christmas songs so it was “noisy”. My latte 😦 But at least we had a nice-ish talk, which is rare. 🙂

I am so full.

This is basically fucking cute.

I’m really quite tired but I’m just gonna read some shit on edmodo for no good reason and go up and do the 2002 MCQ before heading towards MG for the last time this year for my last GCE paper. I can’t believe that I actually had a dream about being sad over leaving MG. Maybe, subconsciously, I like these people more than I think I do. Awwww.

You know I thought that if the GIF wasn’t in B&W it would have been much cuter? Just saying.


Okay I need to get shit done. Too many people here and they are looking at me like err. I am so full. I am so full. I am so full. I really don’t feel like going to school sigh why is life so tiring.

Perhaps to love is to learn
to walk through this world.
To learn to be silent
like the oak and the linden of the fable.
To learn to see.
Your glance scattered seeds.
It planted a tree.
I talk
because you shake its leaves.

Coda – Octavio Paz



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