Do you mind if I take you home?

O’s are over! I’m not really all that excited/relieved because it really just felt like any other papers that I took over these years. But whatever, no more “omgshitineedtostudy” or obligation to lie about studying.

It’s only 9+ and it feels like 12.

Leaving for Malaysia (truly Asia) tomorrow morning. Bye mates!

Drained my polaroids today. So much to scan.

Dad is so nice today. Heh. Meanwhile, his girl is being as petty as ever. What’s new, right?

Spent some money at artbox today and that made me a happy girl. Bought a bunch of pretty papers but I realised I have nowhere to put it to use, lol. I only wanted to get a cute notebook but … ah well.

Listening to brother eating chips in the dark. This is awkward. I’m sorry you have no internet lol blame it all on my Lumia, it’s not my fault that my phone refuses to work.

I just read through and realised this is such an unorganised post. Might as well make it worse right.

My internet laosai.


What the fuck am I watching.


I need an iPod.


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