For a better life.

Hello! Dead fucking tired and I really want to just hit the hay right now but I missed this hole.

Chem1 today haha let’s not talk about that. Batch outing!

My face looking terrible but this is the best shot I have of all of us lol.

Fabsie lookin’ fab.

The polaroids are the epic ones but I don’t have my scanner here right now (even if I did I wouldn’t have scanned it lol but yeah).

Went back to school and found these cuties being cute:

1, 2, 3 – awwwwwwwwww.

Fell asleep during listening comprehension, but what’s new. I was already so tired from all the walking and being high before the paper, and the soporific weather didn’t help. Fell dead asleep halfway through the third passage. Mentally shook myself awake and forced myself to digest the repeat of the passages. Thank goodness for primary school years, really. We all agreed that it was an especially hard paper so uh, may the bell curve be ever in my favour. Whee.

My phone is farting a lot, maybe I should go check it. Traded internet sharing for the brother’s bed. This boy would do anything for internet, I swear. The mother is as angsty as ever but dad said she’s too young for menopause, I disagree. Like, hello, get over it okay it’s such a petty little thing to be angry over for two fucking days. I promise I will be a nice auntie when I grow old, really.

Sort of finished up my elf’s card lol fail I read through it and I sounded like I was rambling contradictory bullshit. Sorry, dear. I would have done a better job if circumstances permitted, really. Sorry for ruining your supposedly excited Secret Santa. :/ I hope karma doesn’t hit me, lol.

I can’t even listen to music on my Lumia now. 😦 Need a new iPod desperately. Do you know how sad is it to be deprived of casual good music even when you have a fantabulous iTunes library?  If you don’t, let me tell you that it is damnfucking-sad. Sigh.

So much for “I’ll be back in a while lah I want to sleep”, dad. Hope you’re having fun.

I am so fucking tired I need to die right here right now time to snuggle up in the brother’s my (newly conquered) nest.


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