Hi I am listening to this Chinese song that somebody sent me years (literally) ago. Aww I sort of miss you even though you are such an asshole. Good ol’ times.

I learnt a new word this morning: 丁克家庭. I swear this is so fucking lame (I just had to use profanities to emphasise the how retarded this really is.)

丁克的名称来自英文Double Income No Kids四个单词首字母D、I、N、K的组合--DINK的谐音

Like, what the actual fuck. I’m sorry if I’m overreacting but it’s really ridiculous.

So I haven’t blogged for a gazillion years because this week has been a nuclear bomb week. Social Studies, AMath1, Chemistry1, AMath2, Geography, Biology2, Literature1&2. 8 papers, 4 days. So uh, I am like mentally drained now.

I was so down yesterday because I was PMS-ing. Partly because Lit2 was bad, and also some other shit happened and I was so sad and there was this obese girl (not being offensive okay it’s a scientific term, right?) on the train and she was sitting next to this skinny girl and I was just looking at them. I was at the verge of crying when I noticed that the obese girl’s arm is the same size as skinny girl’s thigh. I think she knew I was staring at her and she was getting really fidgety (but there wasn’t really space for her to move about) so I guess she was starting to feel really self-conscious so I looked away. Because of that I couldn’t bring myself to eat lunch. The lack of glucose made me even more down and gloomy. Anyway, I ate so much for dinner I was going to die. Managed to drag my ass out of my bed and out of Costa and actually took a bus + train. (but it was worth it) *cues for standing ovation* Got held up at the train gantry because my card couldn’t pass and there was this other SA guy (I assume, cause there’s an SA crest on his EZlink) that couldn’t pass as well and he was just standing there. Speak up, boy. Cut his queue because he’s such a loser and got my card fixed first and walked about 500 nautical miles to macs, only to sit down for 5 minutes before walking another 1000 nautical miles to Aston’s. I think I can travel to China by foot. Dad called at the worst timing. Got back at 9.30pm only to find that there was nobody at home. Fantastic. And my period came after something like half a year. I was already getting impatient of waiting for the angel to come and tell me that I’m pregnant with the new Jesus or something. Guess they changed their mind. Hormones.

This is getting really wordy. But I like to make it wordy so people don’t actually read it properly heh, heh.


Got a dose of everything I’ve been deprived of for the past few months yesterday. Life is good.

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