Jersey just got colder.

I am semi-angry (more disappointed) with myself because I broke a promise that I promised myself. 😦 I am officially an unreliable person. World, you are all now given all rights to doubt me whenever I promise shit.

By the way, I wore my cutie sweater yesterday and a kind soul frankly told me that I looked like I “came out wearing pyjamas”. Thank you very much. (No, this is genuine.) Let me insert a picture.

Don’t judge me.

Hahaha I don’t know why I had the urge to take this kind of picture not what I usually do okay don’t judge me. I later realised it does look a bit too comfy. I’ll wear it with shorts next time okay but the airport was cold!

Too many sensual pictures on tumblr. My hormones cannot take it. asdflkjhg.


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