Hoping for something.

I am raging right now because people are just so ridiculous. This is the price I’m paying for losing the trust of others so kids, play it smart. 

I know I was at fault so this is like a karma but I’m pretty damn sure the problem doesn’t lie entirely in me. It’s like an accumulative effect when you people refuse to listen to me when I’m explaining, telling me that all my truthful explanation is fucking bullshit that I come up with to the point that I get so fucking sick and tired of explaining I just let you think what you want to think. And so when I don’t explain you think you are fucking right and you know me oh-so-goddamn well and you go on making more assumptions based on one-off incidents. Worse still, you twist my words and make unsubstantiated accusations. Years after years, you form this fucking distorted impression of me because we barely fucking talk because you people are doing all the talking all the motherfucking time. And now whatever I reasonings I have for my actions are “excuses” because “[you] know [me] very well”. Certainly. Sometimes I feel like you have this other “me” in your head that is like how you think I am because we barely see each other and we barely talk and you probably hallucinate about things that I never did and when your version of “me” did something wrong you push all the motherfucking blame on me. How does that make any sense at all? It’s as good as I imagined that you promised to buy me a Porsche and I go to you and demand for it and when you say that you didn’t promise me anything I call you a fucking liar and hope you burn in hellfire. That once I thought you were actually trying to finally listen to me and I told you the truth and now you are fucking holding it against me and threatening me. Talk about the world being evil and unpredictable. This is getting too motherfucking ridiculous I don’t think I can handle this.

People with bad parenting skills should never give birth, ever.


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