Hello! Haven’t been on the computer for the longest time because the parents were here and I was with them so I didn’t really have the time to go on the computer (’cause we were shopping so much hohoho). Yesterday night I slept terribly because I had dreams so terrible that the fear lingered even when I woke up(lol but really okay!). I dreamt that my grandpa died (touching all the fucking wood in the world) and it was still O’s and life was in such a chaos that I forgot to bring entry proof and my ID and even pencil case. So I was running around the school trying to get a new entry proof printed, get pens and a lot of other things. For some reason I had to ran across this steep hill (that means up the hill and down again) every time I want to get to the front part of the school (ie General Office and Concourse) and I happened to forget what I wanted whenever I get to the Concourse and so I end up running back again (crossing the hill again) just to remember what I needed (because I was in a panic you see) and yeah so basically in my dream I ran across the hill for about 10 over times in something like half an hour. My fitness deserves the highest commendation. And somehow I managed to take the paper, which was like SS, and I didn’t know shit because I barely started on it so I got so fucking scared that I woke up. What the actual fuck. When I woke up I was like shit that was the worst nightmare ever and I went to shower (super determined that I’d start studying the fuck out of SS), took my time doing my makeup and ended up walking over to Paragon for a coffee, before settling down to start texting people. Life. 

So uh, I have one more day to make it for my SS and amath. Lol joke. I am so fucking scared you have no fucking idea.

Anyway, I am a happy girl because I bought clothes! I haven’t shopped for the longest time because life has been so fucking hard. (Wow what the actual fuck I sneezed and my internet disconnected. I am powderful.) Bought these cutie floral pants that I thought I’d look terrible in but didn’t when I tried it on. Even mum said they were not bad (and she was paying) so hehe they’re sitting in my wardrobe now. And I have to mention my topshop sweater. It is so plain and green and cheap but I love it so fucking much I don’t even know why. It is so fucking cute okay. I was in the fitting room and I was like omg omg omg you are mine okay you are fucking mine you fucking cute shit so yeah it is now mine. ^^V I think I will stop loving it once I wear it out once lol so yeah bear with me for now.

I am still sick. As phlegmy as ever. I feel disgusting and disgusted. What is life. Drank half a bottle of expectorant over 2 days and I am still sick. Not sure whether viruses in me are too powerful or the medicine sucks. Or both.

Sigh okay let me find something to do with my life right now. Maybe insert a picture or two. Is tumblr still down?

Speaking of tumblr I just got the email from Anna haha my elf is a Jap girl with a super angel name I wonder if it’s real. Reading her tumblr. She seems like an interesting person I hope I actually manage to get her a proper present heh. And I am excited for my present I hope it doesn’t fucking suck hahahah. (Just spent half an hour stalking.) Okay this is a bit difficult she’s so not my kind hahahahah good luck to myself.

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