Hello! Haha I am so high right now because I have blog views from Japan. I was like whaaatttt and it wasn’t even like 1 or 2 it was like 19 and I was like woah okay man. Oh and I inferred that this someone got the link from tumblr so uh, hello hope my blog entertained you hahaha nobody gives a shit about my life oh please. 

I am crazily in love with my new phone wallpaper (went around showing people in school)  but it seems that I have to change it by tomorrow because the parents are coming. Hahah shit if my dad sees it my life would be over immediately.

It is when I’m older now that I realize cartoons are so full so sexual innuendos.

Found a new lameass wallpaper for myself. Err, yay.

Oh my I need to mention this. TM 7-11 restocked their (my) banana milk and my day was like, made. I am not even being dramatic okay I was so happy I was gonna pop a champagne but I decided to drink banana milk instead. Healthygirl96.

Okay time for boring shit. Had mathII today and it was just like okay.

Fml there are ants crawling around my table. THEY ARE COMING AFTER MY MILK. Why the fuck do ants even exist? Omfg they are seriously every-fucking-where. Get the fuck out of my life.

Parents are coming to “see [my] beautiful face” tomorrow and they are staying here for a week woah spending crazy money on hotel rooms. And out of so many places why are we staying at Orchard hello I have O fucking levels why am I placed in the centre of a major distraction area.

I am eating chocolate chip cookies and I am getting really agitated for no good reason and fuck the ants omg. LEAVE MY MILK ALONE.

I am sleepy and I want to jump around.

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