Got a war in my mind.

It’s 21oct. GCE fucking O starts tomorrow and I’m just here rolling on my bed texting people (person) that don’t (doesn’t) have exams and listening to songs and singing and doing shit. Life, I am going to fail it.


Ms Kek is so sweet.

And I don’t have an ODT somebody please remind me to get one tomorrow morning. I was gonna wake up early and go out in the morning before lunch but uh, fail.

Was listening to father scolding son episode. Brought back childhood nightmares. It was pretty heart-wrenching.

Sigh I just want to stay in my air-conditioned room all day and emo my life away. I can’t believe that I am actually sitting for O’s tomorrow. Not that it’s a big deal but… yeah I paid $700+ to do this but I am not going to do it well what kind of a bitch am I.


Why is everybody the same? 


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