Night drive.

Hello! This is really cute:

Went down to town yesterday to get my LM powder! Holy moly guess I really haven’t been to town for quite a while because so many places looked different! I stepped into Sephora and I was like “:O what is this place” because they renovated it and the shelves and all are so much cooler now! Oh and the MUFE counter looks so good but MAC is just at the same old boring corner. They extended the queue line area too! But why am I talking about this okay time for photo spam! (I’m just somehow really into posting edited pictures of my purchase recently please bear with me.)

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder


The container is quite huge even for loose powder, so it’s quite easy for me to use it with a large brush. I put some on earlier today to test the result and I am quite excited! I struggled quite a bit between this and MUFE HD powder (and initially MAC Pro Set Powder as well but I can’t seem to find it on the official MAC site?)

Loving my MUFE foundation but it gets a little oily even when I use it with my Clinique Superpowder (hahaha the name, don’t judge me I didn’t name it) so I’m thinking about getting the MAC Blot Powder because it sounds good and/or get a LM/smashbox foundation. I’m so excited.

My skin is getting really bad lately and I’m pushing the blame on stress. šŸ˜¦ Wanted to go top up my facial mask supply and came across the MBD tube thingy that was on sale so I grabbed one.

My Beauty Diary Chamomile and Lily Sleep Concentrate

I expected it to be some sort of cream so I was actually quite surprised at the weight (really light) but later I found out that it’s gel so I guess that makes it more worth it because if it were to be cream it wouldn’t be long-lasting at all. Tried some on yesterday night and it was just okay. Grabbed some masks as well because it was cheap! They were selling the normal 10-pack series at 16.90 and the 2-pack ones at 2.95 (lol what kind of stupid pricing logic) so I grabbed a few of the 2-pack ones.

Is it weird that I’m using cheap skincare products with higher end cosmetics? Lol I just refuse to invest in expensive face masks for no good reason.

Went to prologue to get some stationery and I bumped into Rick. Awkward how I was checking his wife/girlfriend out before noticing him. How did he get such a hot girl wow he must have some (hidden) charm. Bought half a dozen of pens/refills to stock up for the next 3 weeks. Oh my the thought of the next 3 weeks is distressing enough I think I need to leave my mac alone ASAP.

By the way I actually received emails on my 126 account yesterday hehe.

Watched an unboxing video for the new iPod nano and I don’t feel like getting it anymore lol I want a red iPod Touch! There was this guy that went on and on about the strap like a little kid being excited about a new pen haha so cute. Surface looks so good but I’m sure it will suck but it looks so good.




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