He gave it all.

Whoop whoop. Doing my facial and typing away because I am that bored. I have zero motivation to study for O’s and this leads me to the conclusion that I can only study efficiently in public because I’ve been spending the past few hours inspecting my leg hair/ thinking about pasta/ trying to recall how to swim/ taking multiple naps/ everything else but studying. It’s currently 1.38pm and I have already taken 4 naps already. The best one was from 8.10am to 9.40am hah pro of waking up early #1: you can be taking a nap when others are still in deep sleep (and you don’t have to brush your teeth after you wake up!). Yay!

Going to town later to get myself the LM loose powder and some masks and other useless things. Then tuition.

Important announcement: I lost my iPod. I remember naming him (yes, him) but I can’t remember the name because all of my stuff have such similar names. I h o p e (fat hope, geddit) I can get it back but if not I will just look forward to being nagged by mum and dad before getting a new one on my own. Saving up for the new red nano! It’s cute and I want to order it online so that I can engrave shit on it. I can’t decide between classic and nano though. But if I am paying for it on my own then nano it is. Okay shit the new touch looks yummy too. But there goes my 2nd generation iPod Touch. We had 4 good years together, didn’t we? 😥

Went to school yesterday for geog and bio. Mrs Ho got us food. She’s too nice :’) Stayed with Edlyn for a little and went for late lunch/catching up session with Tung. Took me forever to get back but the ride was fine so yeah. There’s this super cute looking cafe at Goodman Art Centre it looks good.


My makeup is so terrible today. Cry.



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