Blue square.

Why hello little ducklings! I have just created a 126 account and I have no idea what is going on. I registered because I like the number so please email me at And I think I am on some sort of weibo now! My username is blue square because I couldn’t come up with anything more chinesey. Right now I am extremely confused about weibo because is it like a general name or is it like a brand name like Twitter? I am apparently on NetEase weibo but is it the same as SINA weibo? I can’t seem to sign in from but when I try to register with the same name they say it’s taken. Save me. And I have no idea what to do with it lol so I uploaded a camwhore photo to make it look like I actually put in some effort. Actually I have no idea what 126 is supposed to be I am guessing that it is something like msn where you can have an email account that is linked to many other funny services. My guess. By the way, is msn, bing, skype, IE and all all under Microsoft now? I am so confused. Chrome keeps translating my pages to English and they call weibo microblogging. My blue square weibo page is called blue box microblogging.

What am I doing with my life?

I have Wings stuck in my head right now.

Check this out:

Project waste-post-its

Saved all my exam dates on my phone and I hope they sync it to my mac as well. Technology is too advanced I get all confused sometimes. Okay they did.

Look at those birthdays of people I don’t even know.

Wow look I have 一条新微博.



This. Us.


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