Morning by morning.

Just thought I should leave a long and boring account of 12Oct12 for future references.

It just felt like any other of school because the fact that today was the last day of school hasn’t really hit me even until now. Service was just mehh but emotional “casualties” like BJ and Gladi actually cried from the video + teachers’ performance. I thought the song item was quite sweet but I wasn’t really like “awwwwwwww shit my tear gland is exploding this is too sweet” so yeah. Got back our report books and all and had a really shitty ending to the year because magsim literally rushed off after giving out the stuff (not that we would have wanted her to stay and talk to us) and the teacher-student relationship of our class is just basically shitty so uh, no ouch ouch sobs sobs.

Class of 2012 graduation ring.


ROCs 4 souvenir.


LD logo folder.


4I tumblr board

Additional bio lesson totally killed the mood. I did so badly for mocks I seriously need to start studying.

From Mrs Ang.






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