In the dark.

Holy shit. I swear somebody (maybe me) has been fucking with my broadband. It wasn’t working for the past week and 5 minutes ago I decided to check the SIM card again and guess what it was upside down. I was that close to asking yx to call Starhub for me. Holy moly shittery. And I’ve been using my phone’s internet sharing to webcam and stuff and I was so scared that I’d burst my bill. So should I be happy now or what?

Today has been as unproductive as all my days before this one. Came back and died on my bed and sang to myself and ate a fuckload of shit and rolled around and played with shit on my phone. I’m still on the same compre as the one that I started doing at 3pm. It’s 10pm now by the way. Lolnvm.

Did geog mock yesterday with Tessa and we spent 2 hours doing 1 natveg question. Of course we will do well for the real thing, duhh. Have yet to finish(start on) my food question lol I need to force myself to hand it up tomorrow. Listening to Marina sigh why is she so talented what am I doing with my life.

Uncle asked me why don’t I have knowledge of current affairs/historical events. Sigh. Not my fault that I spent the first two years of my secondary school life learning history of … what? Apparently the USA has 60% of their military stuff in Japan now lah okay I am so knowledgeable. Oh and they are unofficially ruling over Iraq (then why the fuck can’t they build nuclear plants?), Afghanistan and Egypt and many other Middle East countries that I can’t spell. Are you impressed yet?

I would have inserted a picture or two but my dash is really just dark and gloomy and I don’t wanna depress anybody including myself.

This is quite cute.

I wanna watch 500DoS because the last(first) time I watched it was 3 years ago at Vivo with 1D. Good(maybe) old days.

Apparently mum sent me 2 MMSes but I can’t read them because Nokia is cool like that. And she hasn’t told me what they are. Have I mentioned that I love Marina and how beautiful the entire Electra Heart is? I’m almost being brainwashed.

I think I’m obsessed with banana-flavoured food products. Had banana milk for (part of my)breakfast and banana muffins for lunch and I was gonna eat a banana before dinner but it was rotten. 😦 Bananas are so good. I wonder if…

I’m just looking forward towards post-Os so much now that I almost want to just give up studying because I know that I’m not going to make it.

I’m listening to the radio playing outside and I think I have this thing for sexy men voices. I think the DJ sounds extremely yummy nice.

Rule number one is that you gotta have fun



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