This is going to be a post on my new earphones because they are so adorable.


I kind of (actually) got it because of the pink silicon cover. The woodenness is kind of funny but it’s cool!


They claim that their products are made up 100% recycled materials. I’m ignoring the plastic. Check the string out! It’s paper!




Pouch for my marleys!



Love the colours. The sound quality is pretty good but I guess they don’t really fit my ear very well and so my ears will hurt slightly after using it for about an hour or so but my point is that they are so adorable!

I’m just thinking whether I should sync my phone and post pictures of my new Sephora purchases. Heh.




Hee. hee.

And we went to MEMA where I became a Malay dance dancer.


Okay I look hilarious (my mum said that I look like  a man here) but this is solely for your entertainment please don’t blackmail me with this 10 years later when I am super successful in life.

I am kind of annoyed that I can’t post sentimental/emotional things here anymore.I don’t know why I lived more than a decade believing that it is an unspoken courtesy to not question about personal/emotional/sentimental things that others express online. Lol fail assumption. So yeah I will find some other places to channel these thoughts to or I will just suck it up and keep them in my head. I just think that it’s only normal that everybody feels emotional sometimes and that is totally okay. Someone is only not okay when they have nothing emotional to say, you know. They’re either bottling it all up or they don’t know(pretend to not) how to feel.

Therefore, happy posts!

Yay I am so happy and bubbly and shit flowers sunshine butterflies!


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