My neck is aching so badly that I can’t even turn my head because when I do my reflex action will make me jerk back before something that feels like 20 arrows get jabbed into my neck muscle. Therefore, I was ridiculously productive in class today because I couldn’t turn back to talk. Had an entire pack of chips (5 servings, or so they stated) for lunch because I was that hungry. Couldn’t find anybody to have lunch with because everybody went off for physics and tungbao went to HV to party. Poor me.

I find this insanely adorable.

I’m getting very annoyed at everybody. My body is aching everywhere and I’m tired all the time, in various ways. Such is life. I hope I actually get shit done today and sleep early. Ran out of green tea and I’m trying to convince myself to go downstairs and get some but I really don’t want to change/ go down in my oversized 2I class tee + purple FBTs. #lazyfuglybitchproblems

This someone has to stop annoying me because I have enough of you pestering me regarding your hormonal issues because I actually have better shit to do with my time because I am not that interested in failing at life because you are exactly like them.

So much angst.

Here, have a taste of this intellect dessert.

You’re welcome.


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