If I’m dreaming.

Mountain Lion is still so mindfucking because I barely get on the computer now. And I just changed my highlight colour to gold and my brain is not coping well. Plus I don’t think my aircon is really working, like my brain. I am in this whiny mood now I just want to blast sad songs and cry myself to sleep but not in an emo way.

Haven’t done shit since I came back yesterday afternoon. And R left yesterday and I am sad because we are not going to have home cooked dinner anymore and I totally dread making my own way to school without interesting life stories. I feel like I haven’t eaten anything (besides the pot of healthy vomit that he made before he left) healthy since forever (three days ago). BLG is on shuffle and it’s so sad.

I’ll be your shelter
I’ll be your storm
I’ll make you shiver
I’ll keep you warm
Whatever weather
Baby I’m yours

I don’t know why is this so sad okay maybe because _ is the first person that let me hear the song and we haven’t talked for so long and it’s been playing on the radio for forever and the lyrics are so sweet and I’m so sad.

The weather is so unsunny. 😦


Lana Del Rey is at every bus stop now and every single time I see her I’m just like fml why am I not you. She’s so pretty but I’ve been craving for fast food. I am not really thinking straight sigh it’s the season again. I actually felt quite 😦 turning down the chalet invitation but I really have no confidence and guts. I know it’d be fun but … yeah. Oh well.

I want a tattoo.

Speaking of tattoos, the other day I saw this man on the train with one of the lamest tattoo I have ever seen. It was this like 20-cent size gender symbols:

Something like this but more faded (due to age, I assume) and dark blue and smudged. It was on his hand (not arms), like wow what an interesting choice of body part and tattoo.

I have no idea why I mentioned that either.

My BOTM poll vote count is not hitting 300 and it ends today so if I lose what can I say besides admitting that I truly fail at life.

The Wi-Fi list is insanely long (or at least over my 16 years of existence I haven’t really come across such a long list, possibly because I rarely turn on my AirPort anyway).

Is it illegal to post a screenshot of the list of networks? I’m in the mood for pictures.

I would really love to get intellectual but my brain is slightly burnt. Like how Gladi’s brain is chaota and now she has a patch of red rash-looking skin right smack in the centre of her forehead.

You’re so afraid of taking chances,
How you gonna reach the top?


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