Just like a wall.

Blogging from my room. It’s actually quite nice, like simple and all. It’s small and cozy, with like a little cupboard and a white bed and a white table and white walls and a white bedside table and white curtains and windows without grills and a white ledge next to the windows where I can sit and scare myself to death from the 26th floor.

So… yeah. Listening to Russian Red and eating mint chocolate and I’m actually extremely sleepy. I’m kind of excited to explore this place! Just went around the condo and my legs almost died okay this place is too huge for me.

I am so confused by people. This is going to be one hell of an experience. I wonder what dad said about me I bet he bitched about me. Everyone is being so awkward. Whoop let’s figure things out! I hope I don’t break things or like lose things okay this is so stressful. And I can see that Russian Red is going to be damn popular damn soon okay I really hope that doesn’t happen because I am selfish about good music sorry Lourdes.

I would insert pictures but the internet is such a bitch.

And vote for me here kthxbye.


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