Spaces between.

Hi I am raging now because dad is so biased.

Alright that sounded fucking childish.

Fucking angry at how biased dad is. Like, wtaf biased parents shouldn’t exist unless they are biased towards me. Wow so now you discovered that you actually have a son that is 12y/o and has been living together with mum and I since more than a decade ago? So now you have a new pet or something? So now you’re gonna fuck me over and actually make me do things? So now you’re gonna rub it in like every-fucking-body else? Hello?!?

A few days ago mum was just complaining about how dad is crazily biased towards me: “I think sometimes he forgets that he even has a son here”, “Everything has always been about you”, “You always get what you want and your brother never gets his stuff” BLAHBLAHBLAH. Look at what’s happening. “Get this to your brother’s room”, “Put it in his room, he wants it” blahblahblah WOW THE NEW PRINCE IN DA HOUSE YO. _|_ Suck my dick.

Anyway, I officially dislike my brother once again. This is a vicious cycle.

Okay time for cute stuff.

I mean, look at that!

So. Cute.

And I was so annoyed yesterday because I hit my post limit on tumblr. 😦 That was when I wanted to reblog:

Then they were like:

Then I was like:


So yeah. Then I went to sleep but I couldn’t sleep so I ended up waking up at 1.40am to read about iPhone 5 and slept at 2+ and woke up at 6 and freaking got ready in 20 minutes. #record When I said “got ready” I really meant I brushed my teeth, washed my face, showered, washed my hair, put on full makeup, semi-dried my hair and actually chose my clothes. #cristinapride

Had too much coffee and I’m just like dead tired but I can’t sleep. This is torture. I am so not excited because bitches are making life so difficult for me and I just want to shoot all of them.


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