California sunset.

Just did hair treatment and purifying mask and scrubbed the whole of my body and now I’m all nice and comfy like my hair is so soft and smooth and light and my face feels like heaven and my skin feels like flower petals and it’s like the best time to dim the lights and play sexy jazz music and have a slow and steady and satisfying full night sex study. Sigh why am I at home.

Call Me Maybe video was on the TV and I was eating oranges and then Holden Nowell was there stripping and I was just like omg. And bro was looking at me from one of the too fucking many reflection surfaces on the wall so I had to contain myself and pretend that he was not hot at all and that it was totally nothing for a guy with 8 packs to strip in slow-mo with some cinematic filter on under some summer sun on a grass lawn. Nope, it’s just like watching a girl walking into a grocery store. Totally the same way I would watch a teacher walk into class in a plain black dress. But I totally suck so I resorted to running away from the living room and watched the A&F video in my room and totally died. Sigh since when was I boy-crazy? Never. It’s just these 2 days, I swear. I think my period is coming soon.


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