Third post of the day. I hope I’m not being annoying. It gets a little lonely here with no one to talk to since it is a school/work day for everyone else in the world. I feel like a piece of trash.

So I see people are having mocks. I hope I don’t have a fuckload of things to do when I get back to school. Should I be happy that I am missing mocks? Whatever. I don’t feel shit about shit anyway. Just had some fucking oily shit for lunch. Yay.

I can’t believe that I was just sitting down at my table and I actually went “I want to go home” because holy fuck, I am at home. That was just actually quite a sad moment when it struck me, like this place doesn’t feel like home, you know? When a home doesn’t feel like home I don’t know where else is there for me to go.

I was reading this yesterday and I actually felt a little better about myself. Just a little, for a little while. But before long, *poof* it was gone. I was just sitting there wallowing in self-pity and trying to get over a heartbreak and being an idiot giving someone else excuses when the very someone didn’t even give a fuck.


Just thought you should know:


Actually, never mind.


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