Just the same.

My lungs are crying. It’s been a month. I don’t think I’ll have the guts to do it again in the near future, not that I’ll have the opportunity to anyway. They are screaming. It feels like my lungs are hardening and shrinking into a rock of … rock. I totally had the chance to but lol no way don’t joke with my life.

Anyway, the whole timeline is talking about studying and I’m just like … you serious bro?? You are studying? And I saw people complaining about having “yet to finish TYS” and I’m just like “I don’t have my TYS right now …? Haven’t seen it for more than a month.” What the actual fuck. Need to pop my own bubble soon. Talking about soon, BJ is so cute awwww. I would screenshot our WA conversation but uh, lumia doesn’t allow that so suck my ass.

So yesterday I tried to launch an attack but this bitch is so fucking protective. I was like okay I’m going to drop a nuclear bomb right now but I think it only killed two ants. #fail

What am I to do?

I was so crushed I was like OUCH. Don’t I miss this feeling.




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