Gold chain.

It’s 1540. Woke up at 9.30 and all I did today was: ate some expensive fish noodle at a some totally not high-class place, spider solitaire and making up scenarios in my head.

What am I doing with my life?

And everybody is falling sick. Boohoo. No actually I don’t give a fuck. And I’m slowly registering what is happening, it’s so scary. I realized that I am a bit slow but what to do. Being a jealous cat here being jealous of so many people and sometimes I just sit in front of the mirror and go all sian about myself and I just want to slap some hippo and doraemon and find a building to jump off. Sigh.

I am not really getting use to my voice. It’s like I wonder who is talking when I talk because the voice is so strange and unfamiliar I hope I don’t become mute overnight like Cinnamon. I mean, at least he is hot and efficient and shit but I am not so uh, I probably need my voice to get shit done. Why do I feel like we talk in such a similar way? It’s really kind of weird. I need to figure out how did I use to talk. Maybe you’ve been influenced by me, or maybe the other way round, who knows.

I think Rihanna is really kind of ugly? I’m not saying that I’m better-looking or even anything near good-looking but I’m saying that I think without makeup she’d look like shit? Just a thought.

Is it just me or are her eyes actually kind of tiny?

Been coming across so many pictures of Marlboro on tumblr. It’s not even the typical hot chick/dude smoking pictures but like, pictures of cigarettes. Making life difficult for me.

Can you believe that this shit got 11 000++ notes?

Okay too many pictures.


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