Steal his heart.

I’ve been avoiding WP in fear of crumbling the sandcastle but I guess that something really spoke to me.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I went for this dinner thingy at a temple (yes.) with mum and the bro. It’s supposed to be a local chinese/buddhist(?) event for 中元, whatever that is supposed to be. Anyway, so there were 115 tables all donated/sponsored by kind people. There were political figures giving speeches in bad Chinese over the terrible sound system and all that. We were sitting at this table where I was facing this group of teenage gangsters. They had like, 3 – 4 tables, pretty huge gang. At first I thought they were just random secondary school boys sitting together instead of with the parents and all but apparently not. Mum said they were in the local gangster gang(?) and they are the young ones, like new recruits, you know. So there were boys that were 15-16ish and a couple of older ones, probably 19-20, but mostly 15-16y/o boys and they were like drinking free beer and smoking openly like the event is some free party(actually it sort of is, but no). Guess it wasn’t really polite of them to actually make crazy lot of noises in one huge gang of 30 people when the GoH was giving his speech and all but I think the generally obnoxious aura of theirs is worse. People were just staring at them all but I suppose they liked the attention. I even saw quite a few that looked familiar, probably from primary school or tuition classes last time. And even an ex-classmate! He completely ignored me 😦 I’m sure he saw me and we made several (several, not one) eye contacts and he just awkwardly looked away. I don’t understand why though but okay. Ah well. But he is one of the few, if not the most “normal” looking guy in that bunch without the coloured hair and funny haircuts. He didn’t even have a piercing! Clap clap. You have hope okay boy please don’t ruin yourself.

Can you imagine if I didn’t leave? I can totally see myself as something like that. No one even said a thing when these young kids were smoking (and most of them didn’t even know how to smoke and they were just puffing and acting cool, waste cigs. I was staring at this fat boy that looked like he hadn’t showered for days smoking and he probably thought I was checking him out and he leveled up his acbc-ness and I had such a hard time stopping myself from bursting out laughing) and there were actually politicians around…? Malaysia truly Asia.


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