Starring Role.

Just fucking emailed hippo and I have a feeling that there’s something wrong with the email address. Anyway, I hope doraemon notices and forwards it if it is wrong lol. Parents just announced their hatred towards me, yay. So they finally said it. So people can’t just tell me shit like “oh those are angry words, of course you can’t make such assumptions” because bitches I’m going to quote you direct quotes. And it is kind of fun typing on this keyboard cause it makes so much noise and I feel like I’m typing like a pro when I hear those keyboard sounds you know, and the frequent use of space bar indicating the fast pace of my typing and shit. And I still can’t believe I got B3 for lit lol I mean I am sad because it is not a nice grade but lol I expected a low B4 cause it was so fucking bad like askldna;m,snxia kind of bad. Like I didn’t even have any idea what I was writing about so when I was writing I really just wanted to laugh cause I felt so fucking pathetic like wtf am I even writing lol good luck reading. And I am for once like slightly above average for emath hallelujah. When I say slightly I mean less than 1 mark. Cough. But it’s an achievement cause I don’t remember getting an A1 for emath lol in my entire lifetime k maybe sec1. And laoshi told me I got A1(75) for HCL like he really typed it like that lol then I was like LOL CUTE SIA okay haahhah. And he tried to type in english even though I was making the effort to type in chinese? But I still can’t get over the fact that he didn’t read my email okay RAGE. Anyway, sianjipua I really don’t want to face the world I don’t want to go for the fucking eoy wedding I have nothing to wear I don’t want to see these people I want to hide in an ostrich hole and die with my ass stuck up high. Okay this post is messy and disgusting. Been having so much intellectual thoughts hahaha but cannot put them into words sighpie wish I could publish a thoughts shape book you know, like Chrysalids.


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