I’m in love with a dying man.

So I finished up This Side of Brightness and I don’t really get it. I mean, it took me long enough to figure out that Treefrog was Clarence Nathan but then how did freaking Cla “see” Treefrog? That makes no sense. And I was so confused about Angela as well. I’m probably not going to re-read it anytime soon because I am going to return to Let The Great World Spin and then move on to a couple of other books that I have yet to read and hide myself in a fictitious world so that I don’t have the time/brain space to think about mine. Pretty smart, eh?

So I have been spending my days daydreaming about post-secondary and partying and out of Asia and people I had in my life and things that I should have done and stupid things that I did and disgusting stuff that I did and tumblring and listening to stuff on youtube and stopping myself from wanting to cry randomly and wishing that I was dead. Oh, and observing my scabs wondering if they will heal before I get back to school.

And I think I need a better picture for my tumblr icon kk off to camwhore on my mac. Omg I want to like do some artistic shot but aiya okay after I get plastic surgery.

Anyway, I like my tumblr now. Hehe.

So uh, time to stop wasting my life away and probably read a book and pretend that life is okay and everything is okay and I am not going to die. Or rather, I’m not dead.

Seems like an appropriate time to insert a tumblr image kk hang on.

lamebrainkelbris-ourpoeticlives  << This is epic shit.


Too cute for words.



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