This is terrible because I feel terrible. Terribly terrible. I almost feel like unprivating my blog because I just lost all reasons to but not like anybody is going to read it when I unlock it so why depress myself with depressing blog traffic.

Anyway, I am so totally jealous of Lana Del Rey kind of love life omg. But too bad now I’m a PoW and I’m going to be stuck at East Coast staring at ECP (that’s if I can even see it from my window) all day all night until I get to Australia (that’s if I can even make it there). Okay gg why must it be Australia I don’t want to be discriminated against can I just go to Taylors. And apparently Fairview sucks so bye bye IBDP. I’m getting so excited for pre-u okay I hope it doesn’t suck. And right now I just can’t wait to grow old enough to earn my own money and stay in my own place and party all I want when I want and I can and like fuck up and like drink until I die and blast dumb songs all day all night. But the thing is I have no idea how am I going to earn enough money for myself to do that lol scarly I don’t even have money to pay rent have to stay in the park with hobos. Die. Wish I was pretty/ born somewhere else/ both. Sometimes I think I’d rather starve in Afghanistan than get stuck in the middle of nowhere but then again that’s my kind of decision after living my kind of life so maybe if I had lived the Afghan kind of life I wouldn’t want to live that kind of life over my kind of life so yeah. And my scalp is being terrible right now and I am a bit excited about donating my hair (that’s if it works out) so I hope I don’t look terribly terrible with short hair ’cause my hair is kind of like the only thing of my entire being that I am actually happy about and soon I am going to be ripped of my only pride and be left rotting like a lump of moldy meat. Sad fucking life. And I’m really just ranting on because I am waiting for my phone to install the update. Bad timing to update cause I’m really sleepy now and I want to sleep. Been sleeping so early lately but I guess this is a good habit to start inculcating(lol) because it will surely come in handy very soon. My life sucks. Suck my dick lah okay I hate this world I want to make a hugeass bomb and bomb the earth. Lol then God will hate me because I bomb the earth then I will burn in hell which I suppose is not on earth but somewhere else out of this universe which is kind of funny for me to imagine. Can you imagine this room of fire somewhere out in the universe? Maybe beyond milky way? Like Firey Hell Galaxy Someshit or something. Lol. Okay enough of being mean kk my phone is done, like me. Yeap k time to hit the hay and graze upon dreams of rainbow cotton candies.

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