Used to.

I’m running out of things to do on the computer, when the internet isn’t really all so perfect for me tumblr, I really have nothing else to do to pretend that I am occupied. I just want to be left alone okay. I have enough of people asking me questions. Why did you do this? Why did you do that? What are you gonna do now? What were you thinking about? Why this? Why that? What do you have to say now? How? Why? 


Why wouldn’t I do that? Why wouldn’t I do this? What the fuck is wrong with all the fucking shit of you? Why can’t all of you just leave me alone to die and rot if you refuse to put yourself in my shoes? Why must you push me to the edge of the cliff? Why must you hang me so close to the cliff and yet refuse to let me fall? What the fuck is your problem? Why can’t I just die? Why do I have to live? What else besides the fact that it is a standard answer to tell me not to kill myself reason is there for me not to end my life and this mess? Why can’t any of you see what I see? Why don’t any of you know that I’m just a piece of rotten shit and you all are really just overestimating me? 

Leave me alone.


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