Brighter than sunshine.

It’s the time of the year again. Guess I really need to get myself to do some research on this soon. It’s the July/August period when my mind goes completely fucked up for something like a month, and the fact that I am living under distressing conditions is not helping. Been so full of hate. At anytime of the day I can just want to burn anything down. Especially this building. I swear one day I will. I swear. Just spent half a shitbucket of money on UO and I really really want the woven bag 😦 Why didn’t I order it 😦 It’s fucking cute I swear. And there are so many cute things that I want to buy. 😦 And I am just all like FML why do I live in this corner (more like right smack in the centre but yeah) of the world.



There are so many things that I want that can never be mine. 


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