The Bird That Winds The Spring.

So, is Murakami a lil psychotic or is he just overly intellectual? I don’t ever seem to fully comprehend his books, maybe because I am not even sure of what is there for me to comprehend at the first place. And all his hallucinations and heaven-knows-what are getting into me. Like I can feel myself becoming psychotic and out of control. It feels a little like how it was a couple of years back, living life of a living dead: an empty shell going about carrying out daily duties, laughing when I think I’m supposed to, and watching myself from a corner deep within. It was altogether a strange, one of a kind experience. But I don’t think I liked it at all, lying in bed in the middle of the night as the other self take over with the bitter aftertaste of internal detachment.

“Have you ever seen the shadows of tears, Mr Wind-up Bird? They’re nothing like ordinary shadows. They come here from some other, distant world, especially for our hearts.”


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