The Diary of a Groundnut -17/30

Great. So I am more than half way through my 31 days. I was so tempted to unlock the blog already but guess God is sending me a warning letter. Jeez. The fuck is wrong with some people? I mean, what the hell did I even do to you? Thanks for the attention, really, but really, mind your own business.

Now I am so completely and utterly creeped out that I feel a need to close down all my social networking sites that reveals anything about me at all. Forgotten passwords, it’s about time I make some effort to make us reunite. Bitch Potato, what do you want from me?

Go ahead and spread the rumours wide and thick like how you do your nutella. No, I don’t have to stalk you to know how much nutella you eat. Look, at, that.

Wow what if you are reading this right now? Oh no you are hating on me even more right now. Damn you are devising a plan to destroy my life! Oh dear mama I am so scared I’m peeing my pants. Now why don’t we go chill a little and take a jog somewhere?


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