The Diary of a Groundnut – 16/30

It is ironic how you are judging everyone else in the whole entire world when the fact that you are judging makes you one that does not qualify to judge at all. And double irony for me saying this but that is not the point.

Jeez I totally do not see what do our lives have anything to do with yours that you have to be so “concerned” about it and want to know every single shit and proceed to tell the whole entire world, and never forgetting to add a slight taste of your creativity here and there, creating a variation of the same story, exaggerated in various ways and when they meet, they merge to grow into more than double the initial amount.

Who do you think you are to judge whose fault it is at the first place? How much do you think you know, Ms Know-It-All(about other people’s lives)? I don’t understand, I really don’t. You are in no place to judge me because you are a piece of shit as well, in your own potatoly way.


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