The Diary of a Groundnut – 10/30

This shithole only gets more ridiculous by day. Oh I certainly did not turn off my air-conditioner and was deluded vividly that I did and deserve a fine. I must be have been possessed. Given the living condition, I am certain that they have all rights to fine me. Moreover, they are able to directly contact MOE and badmouth me. Well, that’s all they need to have actually. And I heard you guys wanna check my closet to make sure that all the clothes I own are of my possession! That sounds like a pretty awesome idea and it’s absolutely not privacy-invading at all! Oh joy!

I am more than delighted to be able to experience this terrific month in this fantastic milieu that I am confident that can be found nowhere else. How I dream day and night that these days and nights will never come to an end.

I hope your vagina rots. Of course I did not mean that.


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