The Diary of a Groundnut – 3/30

Everything came crashing down. Just when I thought everything would be fine, everything went from bad to worse, and the worst has yet to come. I’m scared. There seems to be nothing else that I can do. Clashes. I’m so, so scared. I have no idea what will become of me. What have I turned into? I feel so, so bad for dragging in so many people. The family, friends. I honestly still think that it wasn’t even a big deal to start with, but it is turning into such a huge mess. I am completely lost. I feel like I’m living a dream. I would give anything for someone to slap me at the back and tell me that it’s a big, big joke. A big prank played on us so that we’d learn our lessons. I’d learn it, I swear. I really don’t know what is there to do, besides walking up and down every hour. I can’t get myself to do work. I can’t get myself to do anything besides really just rotting away. If only there’s someone kind enough to just kill me now. 


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