The Diary of a Groundnut – 2/30

Groundnut is rotting away.

Saw red broccoli just now and nearly gave her the finger. Her hair looks burnt. I hope she burns in hell.

Listened to the same playlist for like 10 times? Been camping on the floor for 10 hours already. My life. I’m not even kidding about considering making this entire thing a big issue. Human rights are not internationally recognized laws, but it fucking reflects badly of them if I make this big and loud. And whatever “rules” tied to it don’t even fit the definition of grounding.

According to New Oxford American Dictionary, definition of “ground“:

(of a parent) refuse to allow (a child) to go out socially as a punishment

Firstly, my parents aren absolutely uninformed, leave alone making them the party that made the decision. So they say they are supposed to play the role of our “parents”. Fuck you why don’t you get me a new phone but okay sounds acceptable how about you give a shit about me suffering here.

Secondly, this is not even refusing to allow me to go out “socially”. It has gone to the extent of killing my social life, alright? Emotional torture. Awesome parents now I’d rather be an orphan, in this case.

Even she is aware that I can’t even sleep. Sleep deprivation, health destruction. And March holidays is supposedly meant for us to “rest”? Not ridiculous at all, no.

Been spending the whole day basically repeating the whole route of walking down to the headquarter of the shithole and walking back up. Two hours hoboing downstairs, consuming ridiculous “food”.

29 more days. I might not survive. I might not live to see that day come.


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