Wassup yo!

Got my drjays today so I’m happy. 🙂 Even though it’s quite retarded to buy made-in-china clothes from the US. The bag is so maid-y haha and the dress omg oversized. Oops. Maybe that’s why I look old like an old woman. Oh well.

Laughed so much in class today. I’m so high. Gladi’s fault. Today was okay because it was so slack. Chapel. Lol. The art of forgiveness. 🙂 Chinese. Half the time I was thinking about other stuff. PE. Fail. Recess. Awkward. Physics. Ugh the kids are ridiculously noisy. For goodness’ sake. It’s a library. Slacked around in class and stuff. Emath. Lol I don’t know. Set your values right while you are young! Well said. Lunch. Amath. Join the laughing club. This is a welcome laugh for you: ‘hahahehehaha’ You’re welcome.

Filed my Chemistry SPA file! I feel so proud of myself for having a complete file. Like, wow. So yeah.

I’m kind of broke now … with 20 bucks for the rest of the week. I wonder how am I going to survive.

Okay I have lost the blogging mood bye.


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